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Espejosscore & parts for: voice, string quartet, piano, bass & drums
I wrote this song, which is spanish for “mirrors”, right around the time of the  tragic Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. It was also the time period after the divisive 2012 elections in the U.S. and amidst the “Arab Spring” clashes happening in the Middle East. I was saddened as I observed people alienating themselves from each other based on their belief system. It seemed to me that they were isolating themselves from one another, resulting in tragedy brought forth by violence. People began viewing others as different things from themselves and thus strange and worthless. The idea behind the song “Espejos” is that we are all reflections of each other, and although we are all unique and distinct individuals, we are all shoots from the stem of the same rhizome and have been so for the thousands of years we’ve roamed this planet as a species.  -fabian almazan