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Rhizomescore & parts for: voice(s), string quartet, piano, bass & drums
The main message of this piece is to unite people of all races and walks of life and provide them with inspiration to strive towards happiness, whatever that might mean for any given individual... The piece "Rhizome" was initially inspired by this quote I read in one of Carl Jung's books -fabian almazan:

“Life has always seemed to me like a plant that lives on its rhizome. Its true life is invisible, hidden in the rhizome. The part that appears above ground lasts only a single summer. Then it withers away—an ephemeral apparition. When we think of the unending growth and decay of life and civilizations, we cannot escape the impression of absolute nullity. Yet I have never lost a sense of something that lives and endures underneath the eternal flux. What we see is the blossom, which passes. The rhizome remains.”